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    lots of positives. Biggest has to be no wire. No need for synching to PC ever. No need to backup. No need to sync if replacing the phone. Cloud phone is great.
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    I had an iphone before the pre and though it was best in the biz, but I always wanted to multitask, which it couldn't. I never realized how big of a deal it was to not have it till I really started to use my pre. I still have my iphone to play all the games on it but it feels like a toy now. Doing more then one thing at once is an absolute necessity, and the pre handles it like a champ.
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    I'd say the calendar. My work outlook calendar, ical, pre cal, and gcal stay synced. So I feel as if I use the calendar a lot more efficiently then I used to. Music (remix) player, while not great has caused me to drop itunes and rarely power up my ipod touch. I've traveled on several occasions without a computer or ipod, just the Pre.

    The only thing I can say I really need is Docs2Go and a clock that shows time in multiple time zones and around the world.
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    Love the Synergy - being able to connect to folks via phone, text, IM, Google Talk, or email from Universal Search is amazing. Also love the instant GPS connection.

    I've gotten to the point where I leave everything on (GPS, IM, data, WiFi) and just carry a second battery for busy days, simply because it's an easy way to get the whole Pre experience.

    My only wish (and it looks as though 1.3 may bring this) is to be able to set the Calendar to map to Sprint Nav, rather than Google Maps.
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    hope you read the post on pre central earlier today they had some good advice on there..........
    This brings us to two points. One: If your phone gives you the option to do something you know it’s not supposed to do, think before hitting that button - bad stuff could happen. We aren’t going to say that bad stuff absolutely will happen, but exercising options you’re not supposed to have always runs a risk of things going awry. Two: Backups in one place are not good enough. As we’ve said before, the cloud is a good part of a multi-pronged backup solution. Lets take contacts as an example, there are three places you should be storing your contacts: on your Pre, in the cloud, and on your computer (with the added benefit of accessing them from all these avenues).

    This way if one part of the system goes down you still have two backups at the ready. While we like Palm - we are PreCentral after all - we’ve heard enough horror stories about Palm Backup that we can’t advocate that your Palm Profile be the primary storage point of all your contacts and calendar events (right now we can’t do much about your tasks and memos). In addition to storing your contacts on your Pre, in the cloud, and on your computer, we advocate that you have an additional off-site back-up if you can manage, either a second cloud back-up of you contacts (or your computer itself) or a physical off-site backup at a family or friend’s home. What can we say, we like fail-safes.
    this is from this post earlier today...
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Calendar - Let me start out by saying that I have 4 kids 2 in high school and 2 junior high. We currently have 6 phones, 3 Palm Pre's - 1 Blackberry Bold, and 2 Samung Exclaim. Everyone has a Gmail account, my wife and my oldest daughter have the Pre's, on my phone I have everyone calendar, same for my wife. The kids will enter anything they have coming up on their calendar and we get it on our phones. We used to have to sit in bed every Sunday and get the Treo's out and sync our Calendar for the next week, who was picking up who and dropping off. This has saved us many hours a week, when my wife schedule changes she just changes it, sents me a text that she made changes, I have it on my Pre that quick. With 4 kids in sports - we are everywhere lately with State Tourments starting this week. Plus I have my Corporate Calendar and my wife keeps her own work all in seprate colors.

    Contacts - I have over 3,500 contacts that I have entered into Gmail from my personsal Outlook, plus I have my Corporate Contacts in there, no slowing it down. Starting my kids off early by getting them a Gmail accounts, told them this would be there last contact list they need to keep for many years.

    E-mail - Corporate e-mail is so much better than when I had my WinMo from last year, yes I miss a lot of features but not the ease of use and using the homebrew solution.
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    Email: I simply never used by Treos and my Windows Mobile phones for managing email and, for my work in particularly, sending email. None of my previous smartphones were reliable enough and consistent enough in accessing Exchange. With the Pre, everything pretty much always works (except some very recent issues with Yahoo! and intermittent login errors, but that's just been the last week or so).

    Web: There were numerous times where I tried to use the Web for some ad hoc research purpose on my Windows Mobile phones (didn't bother trying on my Treos), and simply found it unworkable. This includes my Touch Pro with EVDO. Not only is my Pre awesome for surfing away from my PCs, but there are times when I don't even bother grabbing a notebook. In fact, if my eyes were just a little younger, I'd probably use my Pre more often for casual searches than my PCs, period. In fact, it's much quicker to do a quick search by typing something into Universal Search than any other method I've tried.

    Calendar: For all of its weaknesses, I still use my Pre's calendar extensively for managing my time, including seeing both my work and personal items, and my family's various events. I love how my wife can manage her and our kids' time on her notebook, sync to Google, and everything drops down to my Pre. It's more than just a convenience, it's a real lifesaver when it comes to managing all of our pretty busy calendars.

    Notetaking: Evernote on the Pre also needs alot of work, but when I get an idea for a blog post or tweet, it's great for making quick notes and then having them automatically and instantly available to any of my many other systems. And, the ability to edit notes--something that's not yet available on Windows Mobile clients, to my knowledge--is also a great productivity enhancer. I live and die by Evernote, and the Pre client is good enough for real work.

    Podcasts: I'd always used my Zune for podcasts, until I tried DrPodder on my Pre. Now, my Zune is relegated to music (I love the Zune Pass), and I listen to all of my podcasts on my Pre. They're easy to manage, my place is automatically stored, and the controls are easy enough for my typical use. I like keeping my podcasts segrated from my music, and so the Pre is perfect.

    Casual gaming: Okay, not so much. Still waiting for a good version of Bejeweled, Chainz, etc., but I do enjoy Yatz as a quick time killer and Word Whirl remains fun even after some months of consistent use.

    Contacts: I have numerous current and past colleagues and friends who are on both Facebook and LinkedIn. Having them automagically linked and consolidated by Synergy is a huge relief. I used to struggle keeping cell phone numbers and email addresses up-to-date as people moved around and changed jobs, and now I just don't have to worry about it. And the fact that the system keeps the private info I have for each of my contact separate from the public data is also appreciated.
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    My thumbs! Have fallen to write better on the tiny keyboard of the Pre! Ah!Ah!
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    Web : I used the internet as little as possible, in all the previous palms and the one-time I changed to a Winmo phone. I love the browsing.

    Zoom Gesture and the Landscape or Portrait View: Sometimes my eyes just need a little help in viewing things.

    Standard 3.5 mm Jack: No more carrying different cables for the audio jack in the car, headphones, etc.

    Navigation: I have been looking for a navigation system but too cheap to buy one, now I do not have to. This has everything I need and I love it.

    Blue Tooth: I know the other phones have blue tooth, but this just works so well with my headphones and car. Can't do without it so thought I'd mention it.

    The only thing taken away that I really need is an sd card slot. I need an sd card slot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NxTech3 View Post
    Music-being able to listen to "flylists" on Music Remix through my car speakers using BT FM transmitter is awesome!!!!!
    Any recommendations for those? Looking for something that the Pre plays well with as my deck doesn't support bluetooth and I'd like to avoid buying a new deck but would really like being able to use my phone as an audio source.
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    Universal search has made a huge difference. If I am the least bit curious about something, I can research it on the spot. The Pre makes it so easy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dz1262 View Post

    I had an iphone before the pre and though it was best in the biz, but I always wanted to multitask, which it couldn't. I never realized how big of a deal it was to not have it till I really started to use my pre. I still have my iphone to play all the games on it but it feels like a toy now. Doing more then one thing at once is an absolute necessity, and the pre handles it like a champ.
    Amen to that one. My Pre is the first phone that can keep up with me(most of the time :P) and it does it well! Syncs my calendar to Google, makes sure I have the latest number for my buddy on Facebook, and lets me make sure I have nothing funny stuck in my teeth with the built-in mirror I gotta say, the Pre can almost do it all, but I just need a bigger screen, video recording, an office suite and some expandable storage love :P
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    It didn't change but made being independent of a computer much easier. It started slowly with the Centro, then the G1 was a significant advance, but the Pre's browser and messaging are now good enough for me to rarely use my home PC. Palm used to advertise the Treo 650 as a computer replacement and I think they've gotten there (my known list of complaints notwithstanding.)

    That in turn means remaining connected but free to roam about. I'm messaging with people globally just walking down the street, catching up on audiobooks on my commute, taking care of errands whenever I have a free minute and finding local stuff wherever I am. I'd only add a caveat that I mostly just use a browser on my PC so the transition was easy. But I do notice that it's hard to justify a new laptop now that I do most of my stuff on the Pre anyway.

    In the office, the Pre is my personal computer that I can keep private and not run on the company's network. I'll stream Pandora on it while it's on the Touchstone, correspond with friends, check the news and do online banking while using the computer strictly for work.

    Lastly, the Pre is the smallest full featured smartphone I know of and it's very easy to carry anywhere in my pocket. I appreciate being able to go anywhere with just a wallet and keys in one pocket, the Pre in the other.
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    Quote Originally Posted by McKathryn View Post
    Universal search has made a huge difference. If I am the least bit curious about something, I can research it on the spot. The Pre makes it so easy.
    I kind of forgot to include that. I am using it more and more. Its nice to not have to open the browser, go to google, click the little text box and then type the search in. Just type and click or hit enter.

    I am starting to use to launch apps and I use it often for texting or phone calls. But I can't help constantly wish it was a little snappier. It makes all the difference from being "nice" to being "incredible." If it was instant AND no lagginess in the animation of the lists then I would be filled with tears of joy.
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    Oh, it's insane how much it's changed me.
    Music/video: I now use my phone for a media player, not to mention Pandora!

    Web browsing: I had a Treo 700 before this. I actually have a browser that DOESNT freeze my phone now!! It's amazing!

    Social: I now twitter. All the time. Too much, to be honest :P

    Messaging: Now I can text, IM, and email, all in one place. I used to have a really slow text app (if you can call it an app. It was so slow, it could barely be conidered one), and a cramped keyboard for emailing, not to mention the thing was about the size of a brick. My Pre is lightweight, the keyboard seems to be better spread out, and I even have the Virtual keyboard for when I don't wanna press buttons

    Youtube: Enough said. The YT app is SO useful.

    This is just a little bit. I love my phone so much now

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    That's an easy answer... as a small business owner (acupuncturist), I see many clients on a daily basis at various sites. The WebOS PRE pulled all my email accounts, calendars, contacts and appointments into a single hand held phone. It has helped me no longer fear forgetting an appointment, losing a contact's information, or missing an call or email from someone at the last minute, or after I've left my home. And with the APPS, I can look up information to safeguard my client's health, reschedule appointments in the blink of an eye (thanks AGENDA), and check my bank balances when I need to.
    The PRE and the APPS have saved my sanity and permitted me to 'get on with my business". Thanks Palm!
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    This is a cool thread idea. The shift in how one uses the phone is what is key about this device, not so much the minor things.

    I had tons of programs for windows mobile that I never used simply because it was a pain to access them conveniently; on the Pre I have no issues checking mail, twitter, facebook, reading actual websites with beautifully legible text, gpsing, youtubing, podcasting, rssing, or simply making phone calls all within the same scenario.

    About three weeks after I got my Pre, I remember driving to a bistro to meet some friends, but the day was very busy. I was texting locations to people, responding to calls, and using GPS because I had never been to this place before, and I was doing all of these simultaneously.

    That was the first time that it really clicked for me, this whole Synergy business with integration and multitasking and notifications. While WinMo has many more programs and Android is looking like WinMo's younger, hotter cousin in terms of use and ability, neither come close to the Power / Ease-of-use ratio when it comes to getting **** done on the Pre.
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    The big one is that with Ampache Mobile my Cowon A3 (music/video player) is now sitting collecting dust.

    As soon as the Pre can play divx, xvid, mkv (or allows me to install VLC), I'll probably sell my Cowon player.

    That was the biggest change.
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    Well for one, I've realized getting a new phone once a month is not as nice as it sounds.
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    I never had a smart phone so it changed alot!
    Live the Pre life.
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