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    My listening ear speaker recently broke on my Palm Pre, but the speaker phone worked fine. Being this is my only phone, I had to use the speaker phone option.

    I found out if I turn down the speaker phone and put the speaker to my ear and then talk, the phone still works like a regular phone! It is just flipped over so the screen is facing out. You can have normal private phone conversations except you look silly with the phone facing out!
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    u should get ur pone exchange since it isnt a problem u costed u will get it exchanged for a new one even without insurance. so i would if i be u exchange it.
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    It could be a broken speaker, and if it is, I agree that it's covered under the manufacturer's warranty.

    However, many of us have experienced similar symptoms only to find that the problem was the switch that changed from headset to normal phone operation, didn't make the switchover correctly. The 1st post in this thread explains the cure:

    Feel free to tap the "thanks" button if this helped.

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