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    Is anyone having issues with the BT headsets losing their connection with the Pre? I actually have to turn the BT off for 30 seconds and then back on for the BT headset to reconnect. A co-worker has a similar issue.
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    Minor point, but I'm almost positive you meant "Plantronics Voyager Pro".

    I have a Plantronics Voyage 855, and it has similar problems. I don't have to leave it off 30 seconds though, a quick off/on brings it back.

    The A2DP seems to be the more sensitive of the two. Somtimes, if I put the phone in my right pocket (I wear the BT on my left ear), the music will disconnect, but the phone still works.

    Don't know if it's a Pre issue, or a Plantronics issue.
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    My Plantronics Voyager Pro works well, doesn't lose connection. If I'm out of range and come back, it re-establishes pairing. Maybe it's your Pre--some people have reported faulty BT in their Pre devices.
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    I just bought the Moto bluetooth stereo headset last week and i've had no problems with it so far, so maybe it's ur headset. Maybe, maybe not.
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    My first Plantronics Voyager Pro had problems after a few weeks where the sound quality went south. I returned it and have no problems at all with this unit.
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    Yes. I am having the disconnect problem with my Pre Plus an Plantronics Voyager Pro. I used the Voyager for about 6 months with another phone with no issues. In the week I have have the Pre Plus I have had 5 disconnects. I turn off Bluetooth on the Pre and turn it back on an it reconnects. When it is connected the headset sounds fantastic with this phone.
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    I am having the same problem with my Pro headset and Pre. It seems to have gotten worse with 1.4. My wife uses a moto bt headset with her Pixi and it works great always. I hope Plantronics or Palm can get something worked out, it is a great headset.
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    This problem seems to have gone away since upgrading to 1.4.

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