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    Anyone else having Filecoaster issues? Last night through this morning getting a white screen with code, and errors after loading ...
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    Its 8am Monday morning for me. It looks like it might be down. Try again in a few hours. They normally get it backup and running in no time!
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    Just use preware all the homebrew apps are there
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    Yes Preware is still working for me. Looks to be just filecoaster has the issues.
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    Filecoaster hasn't been working properly for me for a couple of weeks, and now today is completely gone. Hope they get it fixed!
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    yes , me too
    both file coaster and Preware are broken
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    Someone said that Filecoaster is no longer, is this true? Also how do you install Preware? (Drag and drop using quickinstall?)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Impulsebuyer View Post
    Someone said that Filecoaster is no longer, is this true? Also how do you install Preware? (Drag and drop using quickinstall?)
    fileCoaster is no longer being developed. See

    Installing Preware: Application:Preware - WebOS Internals
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    pregame says he is making a new app.

    the thing I liked about fc is the ratings on each thing. With preware its hard to decipher the crap from the good since their is no ratings
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    Same problems here with FC since last night. I was able to launch Preware, but I have install problems with Preware sometimes.

    I occasionally get an install error message on some items with Preware, but am then able to install it just fine with FC.
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    what no more filecoaster......................why =(
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    its sad to hear, but FC will always be in the WebOS Homebrew Hall of Fame!!!!!!!!!
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    FC was great but with Preware there really is no need for FC (other then the ratings thing)
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    Quote Originally Posted by azack View Post
    what no more filecoaster......................why =(
    For those of you that use Filecoater, it will still works. If you download Filecoaster using Preware, Filecoaster will work. I did it just to see if it works and it did. But then why would you have 2 apps to download so I deleted Filecoaster and kept Preware. I know a lot of people like FC so at least you have the option of having FC back working on your Pre if FC is the app you want for downloading. Like some of you, I do like the feature on the ratings on each thing. Just thought I'd share.

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