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    I noticed that when i put it on charge. It charges the battery but it never goes till 100%. It will go up to 99% and start dropping down. Is there something wrong with the battery or charger? Does anyone else have this issue?
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    If you have the actual battery percentage patch on this is common because the actual battery percentage fluctuates?

    I'm just throwing a guess at this.

    I have the same thing happening, and I assumed.
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    Once the Pre charges, the charger doesn't switch to trickle charge. Instead, it switches off. Then it waits until the charge droops to about 95%, and then switches on. This see-saw continues as long as it's plugged in. You an see this if you install the "Battery Monitor" app and run it with the grapher turned on while you charge. The graph shows it charge, and then the plot becomes a sawtooth. Naturally, the frequency depends on the battery drain. If you have a weak signal or have a lot of stuff running, it cycles faster. Mine cycles once every 2 hours or so - when I check it in the morning there's 4-5 cycles on the graph.

    I suspect Palm does this to improve battery life. It's probably not a good idea to trickle these batteries. The down side of this is that if you happen to unplug it during a valley, you could walk away with a 95% charge.

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