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    I love the pre for the stuff it does...I'm IN love the with the PRE camera and the speed of the shutter as compared to the BB tour...its nice too but takes way too long to take multiple pics and focus...

    I love the screen resolution and size is GREAT but could be better, reality is I have always loved the candy bar phone with full KB coming from always using treo's. The PRE was definitely a little adjustment as far as having to always slide out and its annoying to a degree but I deal with it...more so cause I text A LOT and hate on screen keyboards....

    I LOVE the design of the pixi and its what the PRE should have been....just upset that the screen size and resolution is smaller and the camera isn't as good....and the memory issues I have heard about as well...

    I really want it and I hope the screen resolution isn't that bad and size different isn't that major...and the camera difference isn't noticeable lol.

    Anyone else in my boat? any details would be appreciated
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    OMG double POST!
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    oops I got caught hehe is that bad? I need some serious thought into this one man I love this pre but dang to open the slider a million times a day thats getting OLD
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    The problem is they obviously want the Pixi to be the cheaper lower end model. So if you get the Pixi, you won't have the best (or most) features possible on webOS. Camera, wifi, processor and screen size (am I missing something?). There's been talk about less cards open at the same time (4?) as well.

    I like the Pixi too. But I currently wouldn't give up the wifi at home and I like the extra screen real estate.

    If it was just the screen, I might want to trade in the screen real estate for the form factor. But it isn't. I'm going back to Europe anyway and I'm not expecting the Pixi there any time soon.
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    pixi looks good, but it really makes me wish the pre were higher end

    i mean they are going to be virtually the same price in many markets

    as far as texting goes, you are still going to be slowed by the messaging app, although the patch to open a new instance of the app helps a bit with that
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    I think the pixi looks great also! But the hardware just isnt as good (speed wise). plus the Pre has a on screen keyboard patch! So for me txting is still easy
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    You should wait to see what the next Treo will be like. I'm assuming it'll be kinda like the Pixi but with more oomph.

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