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    is any one or palm working on video recording for the pre?
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    Please use the search button next time. Many threads on this topic
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    they are releasing it november 32
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    Nope. Video was never a planned feature, only stills.
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    the next update will actually remove the camera capability all together
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    Very few contributing members...

    When they released the Pre, video recording was supposed to come "soon".
    Nobody knows when...

    Anyway, the question is answered. Please do not bump this thread by leaving comments like the one above me.
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    don't bump it by not having a sense of humor either.
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    we, in canada is still waiting for paid apps (356apps) in the US vs CA (125apps) What's our chance of seeing the Video recording in our lifetime? Your chance of seeing it on the 32 Nov is greater,lol' Be happy what we have right now.
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    but you guys have free health care we don't

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