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    Hey everyone,

    I've been enjoying my pre since June and haven't had any major problems.
    I am away from home on business and only have my Seido USB cord, which I typically plug into my computer in order to charge.

    Today, my battery got totally drained...(thanks Pandora! lol), to the point that it won't power on.

    Anyway, I plugged the USB cable into the computer and it isn't charging.

    Are the USB cables connected to the computer not capable of charging a totally dead Pre?

    I don't have my car charger with me or my touchstone. Any ideas?

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    I ran my battery down all the way once to where it shut down. I used my USB cable in the computer to charge it up again, but you need to let it charge for a while before it will turn on, I dont think it showed anything on the screen until it was charged up some to be able to turn on.
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    I have a similar problem with the Rocketfish car charger from Best Buy, but found that I can turn the screen off on the phone, connect the cable to the phone, wait a few seconds (10 or so), and the plug the cable into the cigarette lighter and it will start charging. If that doesn't work, I can plug it all in, then reset the phone (shift+enter+"r") and when it reboots it is charging. The Rocketfish cable is a known issue as per an employees news article at Best Buy, but no solution at this time.
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    I have not experienced this problem yet, but I've read other posts about this. Most say that they have to plug the phone onto an AC outlet to revive a dead battery.

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