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    I read around here that sprint is removing the call forward charge, but nobody knew when. Today I received this email and I wasn't able to find anything about it here in the forums so I'm posting it now, and if it's a duplicate, I do apologize.

    The email reads:

    YouMail - News About the Voicemail You Love

    Did you sign up with YouMail only to find out Sprint charges 20c/minute for call forwarding? And even worse – you had to call Sprint customer support to set it up?

    GREAT News! Sprint has removed those pesky per minute call forwarding charges and no longer requires technical support to enable call forwarding. Hurray!

    Now, Sprint customers can use YouMail as their mobile voicemail and get these great benefits.

    * See a list of your messages and scroll and listen to voicemail on your phone, online or email
    * Save your voicemails forever and share with anyone
    * Greet callers by name or assign different greetings to different callers
    * Block unknown and unwanted callers

    If you have a BlackBerry or the new HTC Hero, you can experience YouMail with our great, FREE phone apps . You can download the YouMail Visual Voicemail app from the Android Market or BlackBerry App World.
    It’s easy to switch your voicemail to YouMail:

    1. Go to Enhanced Visual Voicemail For Cell Phones | YouMail to create a YouMail account
    2. Simply dial *289095106169 and press 'talk/send'. Upon successful activation you will hear two alert tones. If you're unsuccessful activating call forwarding, contact Sprint Technical Support at 888-211-4727 for assistance.

    If you’ve forgotten your password, simply click here.

    And make sure to sign up for a completely free 7-day trial of YouMail’s voice-to-text transcriptions – no credit card required.


    The YouMail Team

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    Did anybody else get the same deal or can confirm that the call forwarding is now free?
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    Oh and I went to the website, and their speech to text transcriptions is free to have, but it only does 7 transcriptions per month.
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    Conditional call forwarding (where the call is forwarded after the call isn't answered) is now free beginning today.
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    Some details posted at
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    so what are all the visual voicemail options?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jupiter600 View Post
    so what are all the visual voicemail options?
    Google Voice...but I understand the transcription sucks.
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    someone dev youmail app!!!

    ill buy
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    oh and is youmail saying they have an app for palm pre?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MilenkoD View Post
    Google Voice...but I understand the transcription sucks.
    You would be surprised Ive tried some other services and google is one of the more accurate
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziplock View Post
    You would be surprised Ive tried some other services and google is one of the more accurate soon as this conditional call-fwd is free for Sprint customers, I'll try it. I do know that the human-based transcription works the best, but I'll give it a try. I get less than a dozen VM calls a month so it's no big deal for me anyhow.
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    I, too, received this email and was excited to hear about the availability. But I thought that Sprint was only opening this up for GoogleVoice (how they would be able to discrimintate between call-forwarding services is a mystery to me)?

    Since GoogleVoice offers a significantly broader service, I cant see YouMail replacing it. But GoogleVoice's transcription leaves a lot to be desired. YouMail, if the transcript is better, will offer a visual voicemail service that will fulfill a good portion of the Sprint-consumer's wishes.
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    I got an invite to google voice! So farm its pretty cool! I think I will take a look at youmail next. I wanna see them both!
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    I will download when youmail app is ready. I like the mockup of the app so far:

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