I just posted this on sprintusers.com - but I figured I would put it here too now that I am officially a Pre owner.

Ok, like many I suppose, I have spent an absurd amount of time researching phones and attempting to determine "which phone is right for me?" Literally - months. I am pretty sure I ****ed off everyone in the Sprint store since I would just walk in and play with the phones for extended periods of time. I debated between getting the Palm Pre, the HTC Hero, the Samsung Moment, or sticking with Verizon (who I was with) and looking into a plan with the Droid. After pricing out the Droid with equivalent Sprint coverage, I decided an extra $70-80/month on my family plan wasn't worth it, so I narrowed it to the three - Pre, Hero, Moment.

I had largely ruled out the Pre from the start simply because of ALL the bad press I have read on here and on the android forums about how Palm is belching money and can't continue in their current state or they will go under. I had also read that there were hardware issues with the Pre, so I only kept it in the back of my mind.

I was excited when the Hero was announced and was in the store as soon as it arrived so I could test it out. My first impressions weren't that hot, to be honest - especially after the GLOWING reviews from CNET and everyone else. I thought it felt rather sluggish and the display paled when I compared it to the Pre sitting next to it. I tried out the camera - it worked, sort of - but really not much better than an old 2MP camera in my opinion. HOWEVER, it felt really good in my hand. I really liked the size and the UI was really pretty. I wasn't ready to commit so I waited until the Moment came out - thinking this would be the one.

I went to the store the day after the Moment came out and spent some time playing with it. It was gorgeous - beautiful screen, great keyboard, and a fast processor. However, it just wasn't "fun." I seemed to have to push really hard for it to recognize my finger and I never realized how much I would miss pinch and zoom web browsing until trying to browse the web with that damned magnifying glass. I figured that if Android 2.0 was running on this baby, it would be the perfect phone. So I emailed Samsung and Sprint - several times - trying to get any hint of whether there would be an update in the near future for it. I wouldn't mind using stock Android 1.5 for a while until then... but of course, I got no answer - neither wanted "to speculate." While HTC had announced that they are working on an upgrade to 2.0, I still was wholly unimpressed with the camera/camcorder, and I didn't like the idea of using a processor that is three years old now. (It's the same one that is on the G1)

Again, I looked at the Pre with my initial reservations. I didn't want to buy a phone from a sinking company and I didn't want hardware issues. Ultimately, however, I still bought the Pre. Why? Because comparing it SIDE-BY-SIDE with the Hero or the Moment - it just really shines. It's way more intuitive and, in my opinion, fun. I like being able to close apps without having to download a third-party task manager to do it. I like surfing the web with pinch and zoom and an accelerometer that flips the screen regardless of how I turn it. The camera, while only 3.2MP, takes great pictures. The Synergy on the Pre is amazing - and so easy to use. While I am slightly worried about the hardware (though I now think the complaints were a little exaggerated), I am paying $7/month to cover the phone - which is what I would do with the Hero or the Moment... so if something DOES happen - then it will get replaced. Big deal. And the fact of the matter is, yes, Palm is having a hard time, but the Pre is going on sale now in the UK and is going on sale on Verizon in January. The Pixie goes on sale next week. Additionally, even though the company is belching money, it will probably be around for at least two more years while I am using the phone. Sprint has been belching money for a while, but I'm not giving up on them. Finally, while the app catalog is small (only 350+ apps to date), all I really need is a few good ones to help me get movie tickets, find a good restaurant, and keep me from getting lost. The phone does everything I need and it does it better, in my opinion, than the other android devices currently on the market. (other than maybe the Droid - but again, price)

Anyway, that's my two cents. Despite the android-hype and the mass amount of Palm-bashing, I think it's a damn good phone and everyone I know who has one wouldn't have anything else.