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    hi, filecoaster don' t star on my pre when click on homebrew list get an error; exception:failed while parsing, xml not found.

    sorry for my bad english
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    I used filecoaster earlier today and it worked fine now I am also getting that same error message.
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    me too
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    fileCoaster has a thread:
    fileCoaster is no longer being developed, but you probably can communicate directly with the developer by posting in the thread.
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    Mine's not working today either.

    Looks like a feed problem ?
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    i was trying to help my friend "unlock" his phone by having him type in the cheat updownupdownleftrightleftrightbastart and even that would not pull up developer mode on his phone so i tried on my phone and also did not work...and i am having the same problem with filecoaster...wuts going on?
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    It just looks like its down currently. try it again in a few hours I'm sure they are working on it!

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