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    Anyone else think the speaker volume on Pre is a bit too low? Got it up to 100% volume and still have to hold the phone to my ear while driving (I know, I know....totally breaking the law. Sue me.) Didn't have this problem with Treo 755p. Any fixes for this?
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    Yes, in a loud car the speaker volume is low (I have a classic British sports car and it's loud). So is the wired and bluetooth headset volume. No, I haven't seen a fix for this and I also had this problem with my Treo 755p.
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    it seems to depend on what you are doing to me. Pandora is loud enough for me but then ringers & phone things are a littke quiet. I have issues with videos but that is another issue on my end with encoding
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    I'm mainly talking about speaker volume when talking on the phone. It's just hard to hear on the road, even though I've got a pretty quiet car and have all the windows up etc. Never had this problem with 755p....I could always hear that thing

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