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    shud have noticed this sooner but what does the volume buttons actually change besides in call volume?

    it doesn't change ringtone OR notification volume since 1.2.1

    anyone else?
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    Volume buttons = changes volume of whatever audio is currently playing

    Phone call = changes in-call volume
    Media (music/movie) = changes media volume
    Nothing playing = changes ringtone volume.

    In other words, in order for them to change ringtone volume, you must make sure nothing is outputting audio.

    If they still don't work, then you're looking at a Doctor visit, and then a hardware replacement if even that doesn't fix it.
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    nothing open, doesnt change rintone volume. I opened sound settings and put ring volume to max, then closed the window. then i lowered the volume to zero using volume buttons but ring volume was/is unchanged.
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    Sounds like a software issue. Have you tried running Emergency Patch Removal to see if one of your patches is causing this?
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