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    I have searched for this and a lot of people have issues with text messaging convos not showing up but my issue is a tad different. I have a few times received the text message sound alert but yet there is no visual notification and it does not show up in the conversation either. I know a friend is trying to text me so I ask them to resend and it shows up after the second try. Has anyone else out there had issues with getting the sound alert but no text showing up?! Also I have a friend that has an Iphone and when she sends me a long text that requires more then one page I only get the first page of her text and the second does not send. I then have to tell her to resend each page individually just to get it...soooo frustrating!!! I have a theme and some tweaks installed not sure if that would hinder the phone? Cant rely on a phone that wont show me my messages!!
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    yes several times this has happened.
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    When my Pre loses a data connection it does the same thing..nice loud notification chime and then..nothing no text, no email, no calender. It's kind of irritating because by the time I get the phone out of my pocket it's already found the data connection again and there's just nothing to let me know what it was.

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