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    when you buy an app from the catalog, and there is an update available, do you need to pay again? When I go to "updates" on my phone it will have an option that says install all or install free...but I didn't think we would have to pay ffull price for e very update that comes out for an app. Does anyone know for sure? I tried searching for the answer but couldn't really find anything. Thanls!
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    nope you don't

    at least not at this time

    unless maybe for apps like mcraig that went from free to paid, I'm not sure how that works. But if you paid already there isn't an update charge AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK
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    ok that's wht I thought. But for example I purchased tweed for 199 but when I went to update it a few days ago, it had 199 next to its name...and I just don't understand why they woukd do that unless you wanted to pay
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    did you try to update? and did it let you?
    if you already paid, I don't think that you have to pay again, certainly for a minor update of anykind.

    for example, if you were to webos doctor you should be able to re-download any app you had purchased prior, for free.
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    As long as you are logged into the same Palm Profile that you purchased it under, you should be able to download again. That's kid of they key, they link it to this. It will say the price next to it everywhere, but when you get to the actual download page, it should let you reinstall again. It better work like this... updates to my apps will always be free.
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    Just remember that whenever they TRY to charge you, the app should force you to log in. I have my preferences set to have me log into my Palm Profile for EVERY purchase. If you paid for an app and there's an update you shouldn't need to pay. I don't think they've even implemented a system to pay per update and developers so far have stated they have no plans on charging for updates.
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    I think the reason for the op's question is the that the price (for the original app) appears next to the name of the app when an update is available.

    This happened to me the other day when an update for NewsRoom was available. Updates" showed the update available, and a "price" of $4.99 was in another column beside it. This is what I paid for the original app.

    It caused me a moment of consternation as well, and Palm should correct this.

    Also, while in "Updates", I was not able to update NewsRoom. I successfully updated the free Pandora app there, but NewsRoom just showed a triangle with an exclamation point in it when I would try.

    It did update when I did it through the App Catalog.

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