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    I was thinking about getting a touchstone for my car. I was wondering how other people have their Pre setup in their cars.
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    I want to do the same, and power it off my car-pc's usb port, but I was dissapointed to find out that the touchstone doesn't work off the USB cable alone, you need to use the wall-plug 120v charger with it. I wonder why. Maybe they don't think there's enough current via a typical usb port. The wall charger is rated at 1 amp, more than a computer's usb port provides. But its easy enough to wire up a usb outlet with a dedicated 5V supply... I'm just not sure if this is all that would be needed, or if the wall plug sends a special signal to the phone that it's being used.

    More research is needed. Anyone have any info?

    having a touchstone in the car on the side of the dash would be incredibly useful.
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    Theres a long thread with lots of people setups been thinking of doing this but there isnt an obvious plave in mine.
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    Yep, there's lots of posts already about how to do a Touchstone ... slightly complicated because it needs certain power requirements, but not impossible. There was also a thread just 2 days ago, mostly on options other than Touchstone

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