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    Cmon, you Pre typers know what I'm talkin about
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    I keep reading about these people who's fingers are so huge that they have to type with their nails. I really don't understand what the big deal is. I have reasonbly large hands and have never had an issue typing with just my thumbs. I'd like to see some pics of these giant thumbs.
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    i do tend to have an issue right after i trim my nails(i cut them short), and mistype a little. i guess i get in a habit of nail typing as they grow, or something. not a huge problem though.
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    I currently have a Centro and use my thumb nails when using the keyboard. I tried a Pre a few times (getting mine via third party 1st next week) and find using my thumb nails work fine also. It is how I type and don't find any big deal with it, personally.
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    I gets annoying but I love my prprpr&#$275$;
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thud View Post
    Cmon, you Pre typers know what I'm talkin about
    I don't use my nails.
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    i use my nails....putting my thumbs flat next to each other takes up 80% of the keyboard (fat thumbs) even placing them tip down still takes up 2-3 keys each. hard to hit the right key w/o using nails
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    YES *cries* they are shorter now ... its probably the single thing I hate most, the teeny keyboard - i have to use my nail tips to type and when they get to long its more difficult and makes me fingers start to hurt when too much texting/tweeting/what not!
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    My nails are always down to the nubs, so not much change for the Pre.

    People that say that their fingers are too big for touchscreens need to quit whining because that's not true at all. People always tell me that my hands and feet(feet are size 14 and I'm 6' tall) are abnormally large and I have no problem using the Pre's screen. Sometimes it's a little hard to use the on-screen keyboard, but everything else is fine.
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    this thread is funny, i have never had to "change my fingers" to type on a phone. From my BlackBerry 7100i days (yes, i said 7100i) through my WinMo days into my Pre, i have always been able to adjust mentally (i guess) to the keyboards.

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