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    I've been a lurker here for quite a while and I've decided to share two observations about my phone after a WebOS Doctor restoration to 1.2.1.

    First off, I've had my phone since late June. The warranty code is dated 6/13/2009. The only 'mod' I've ever installed on my phone is the paid version of myTether(which is awesome btw).

    I wasn't able to get the 1.2.1 update after successfully upgrading to 1.2.0. After a little bit of research, I figured that the MyTether install had something to do with it and I was going to have to use WebOs Doctor to get a clean install of 1.2.1.

    After the WebOS doctor install, I've noticed two things with my phone.

    1. Longer Battery Life (my most recent charge which was to 100% was 28 hours ago. After mild usage, I'm at 45%. This I know, based on my usage and settings is an improvement.

    2. Just a touch more responsive and quick.

    Just thought I'd share this with everyone. I recommend to try a fresh install using WebOS Doctor if you are having battery issues. Your mileage may vary...
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    you know what i had the exact same thing happend to me this morning, woke up fone was stuck on reboot screen, webos doctored it and when i finished loading everything back on everything seemed a bit faster and the battery was a nice omprovement from before, i could go a whole day now without charging and still have a nice 40ish percent left on the phone

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