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    okay so I wanted to really dive into the calendar and take advantage.

    I have my google and facebook calendars all set up. Thing is. I'm not able to add fandango or flixster accounts. They used to be on there but it was a generic account. I deleed the fandango calendar account so I could add it again and type in my info but no luck. They are not showing up as to add the account.

    can anyone help?
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    Sorry, typed that original post from my pre...

    Okay so here's the issue.

    I never really used my calendar to its fullest. I've only used it with my gmail account.

    So I went ahead and deleted and re-added my facebook account to the calendar because my facebook events and such were not showing up.

    So, as of right now I have both my gmail and facebook calendars all synced up and working.

    NOW, in my calendar preferences I saw two accounts that were also added. A flixster account and a Fandango account. They were generic accounts. One was like or something and the other was I didn't have an account with either.


    I signed up and made accounts on the flixster and fandango websites. I go back into my palm pre calendar account settings to update those accounts but it will not let me. So I figure, if I just delete those accounts they will show up when I click on <ADD ACCOUNT>

    Well, neither is showing up now. The only accounts I can add for calendars are Outlook/facebook/Gmail...

    So what happened to adding flixster and fandango accounts?

    Has anyone run into this problem?
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    I've also had calendar issues. When the time DST time change happened, all my non reaccuring events changed back 1 hour. so yesterday i fixed all of them and added some new ones. today my whole calendar is empty.
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    Okay, after some poking around I found out what the issue was.

    When you first install Flixster and Fandango, the applications automatically add a generic account to your calendar. This is why I was seeing and Fandango@yadda yadda yadda....

    The reason for the generic account in your calendar is because when you actually open up the flixster application, you can search a movie, see that it's playing near you and select the date that you want to see it. It automatically sends that to your calendar.

    So it is never intended that you sign into your flixster/fandango account under your calendar.

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    This is absolutely the worst calendar ever. If you have all day events, you are endlessly synchronizing back and forth with Google trying to make everything work. If things don't get fixed soon, this damn Pre is going to go flying over the Skyway Bridge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cyclingislife View Post
    ... If things don't get fixed soon, this damn Pre is going to go flying over the Skyway Bridge.
    There ya go, that'll teach em!!

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