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    Quote Originally Posted by whippingboy View Post
    The pre is SHORT on options - period. This might be an oversimplified analogy, but look at the palm 3. (yep ancient). look at the amount of menu options/preferences. Now look at the menu options of most of the pre apps- NEXT TO NOTHING.
    That was the 3.x version of PalmOS which was release about 2 years after 1.x was released.

    WebOS is still at 1.x and has nothing in common with PalmOS. All of the features & apps that people came to know and love about Palm PDAs took years to originally develop and have to be ported to webOS. That's not going to happen overnight. Whining and complaining on a web message board isn't going to make them code any faster.

    If you don't like your phone, take it back within the 30 day trial period and get something you like better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whippingboy View Post
    As it is- I can't stand that the Pre asks you on screen what mode to set it in BEFORE it mounts to your computer desktop. I've had 3 pres w/ an unresponsive screen or blank screen develp and as such could not mount the user partition to get to my files to download. This is amazingly short sighted. Being that media sync is useless (thanks to Apple) and there's questionable reasons to even have a "just charge" option- I'd love for it to default to mount the user partition. Easy option for Palm to add- and NO I don't think we should need a HACK/tweak/patch to do this.
    Theres a patch for that .

    From what I was taking it what the original poster meant by "file management" and phone to phone is the option to send and receive things via bluetooth. But thats just my opinion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbd View Post
    Well, i think webOS 'looks' beautiful, it's just that it doesn't have the common-sense functionality and customization that I like to have in a smartphone.
    With that said, if it doesn't get much better by the time Android 2.0 comes to Sprint, i'm seriously gonna look in that direction. I will wait until then.
    When that time comes, we will set up a fund to purchase you the Android phone of your choice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xyg View Post
    When that time comes, we will set up a fund to purchase you the Android phone of your choice.
    Thank you so much, Xyg!!
    You've been on my behind, personally, for months now even tho i never got on you, personally. So this is REALLY generous of you, starting a collection just for MY stupid, ignorant a**.
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    I think Palm is making the right move here. They are thinking long term and not short term. In Short Term, people will buy the Pre and either keep it waiting for all the updates or leave it when it doesn't have all they want from it. In Long Term, about a year down the road, people will start noticing the Pre all over again, but this time it will have all they want and more from it. They will come out with apps, cases, radio hookups, GPS shoes, everything will say Palm Pre compatible on it and Everyone will want one. Then, another phone will come out a year after that and claim that they are the Palm Pre killer. I wonder what phone that sounds like.
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