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    can i transfer any music files from my pc to my pre it says its empty but the files are on my pre in the download file
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    Have you tried to put them inside of the "Music" folder?

    How did you "transfer"ed your music files? I suggest if it fails try connect to your PC as a USB drive and simply copy and paste them into the "Music" folder.
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    my files are wma
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    Thread renamed from:
    "please help"
    "please help - can i transfer any music files from my pc to my pre?"

    Giving your thread a more descriptive title provides others scanning threads an idea of your needs.

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    my files are wma
    I'm 90% sure it won't play a WMA file. Try converting them to mp3 or aac formats. There are plenty of free tools to do this, although the ones I use are linux only. On the off chance you're running a linux desktop, try the not so imaginatively named "Audio Converter" program. Be warned though, that many programs that convert wma files to mp3, will NOT carry over all of the extended info such as artist and album info.

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