Hi there

Am baffled with this one; I keep getting an exclaimation mark in my inbox for email set up via IMAP. I have checked all the settings with my ISP, deleted and recreated the account which did allow some emails through but then the exclaimation mark returned and no emails were received. The same thing happened when I restarted the pre. I tried it on my partners pre and the same thing happened, we were just checking it wasn't a problem with the phone. My partners phone has the identical IMAP settings without any problems at all. Have called tech support and they are changing the phone out but I'm not convinced at all. I'm sure it is a problem with IMAP. I've tried changing to pop, I cannot download mail but can send it. Email is fine in outlook (vista), webmail and I have set-up the account to forward to a google account which I can access without problems from the pre. Any help would be greatly appreciated.