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    I have a problem. I deleted all my conversations a few hours ago and now when I get a txt or a gtalk message I get the little message at the bottom of the screen but they do not show up in the messages screen. It says I have no messages. When I click the notification all message history is still there like it was never deleted in that conversation but if I back out of it, I am back to a empty message que. Please help.
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    This happened to me when I deleted entire conversations at one time. I read in other posts that if you unlink and then re link the contacts that you are having issues with it will correct the problem. In my case, I just did a backup and reset my phone. It sucks you have to erase each text message individually, especially if you are a heavy texter like me.
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    Ok I posted earlier about some messaging they dont show up when i get notice (sms and gtalk) but i get the small icon at the bottom of the screen. Tried a few things that were recommended and got no where..

    I tried webOS repair utility it fixed 2 files. Still same problem exists.

    I got desperate and tried the webOS Doctor and it stalls at 6% and says

    "unable to reset phone" Please go to Palm support for help.

    Well I can Find nothing there. Can someone help me please?
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    call palm.....

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!
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    this link says to delete the person from the phone that the messages are missing from and then put them back in phone or link them to another person until you receive a text and then unlink them .
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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