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    ok i just got the pre and i wanted to know how i can make my own ringtones and junk also like how can i get custom notice sounds like when i get a txt how can i make my own thanx
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    you are new. thats one of the biggest complaints in these forums that these are not customizable. there is a homebrew app that gives some of what you want. i think its called switcharoo.
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    Ringtones are easy. They just have to be an mp3 or m4a (mp4) for them to work.

    Get your homebrew stuff going and you can download an app that will let you setup custom sms and ringtones per person. I think.

    Hope that helps.
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    yea imma wait to get my friend that has a pre to download all that crap for me cause i know for a fact ill mess up my pre doing the homebrew stuff
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    its not that difficult nowadays, with WebOS Quick Install and Preware, the potential for messing up is greatly decreased (not saying it couldnt happen) Just make sure you read up before trying to install anything. Youre biggest ace up the sleeve is knowledge.

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