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    Check out this article: Verizon Droid Tethering Will Cost You - Business Center - PC World

    (I can't post the URL as I don't have enough posts)

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    The article says It will cost $30 additional for tethering plan.

    How is this any different from what's offered with Sprint and the Pre? Hell even the 5GB caps are the same.

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    he is prolly saying he tethers for free with ya 30 bucks is kinda high when u can do it for free.

    Ive tethered with sprint since 2000.. and have never been charged etc..

    but then again never used more than 4 to 6 gigs a month..i did test a go through 12 gigs for 2 months straight.. still never got charged..
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    Sure you can tether for free against Sprint's wishes... but even if you wanted to pay Sprint $50/mo extra for tethering capabilities on your Pre, just to be fair and to make sure you don't get hit with some massive tethering charge, Sprint won't let you do it!!!

    None of the Everything plans allow you to tether. Very whack, indeed.
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    well webos QI is sprint sanctioned in a round about way therefor so is the my tether app in a round about way so.....
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    HAHAHAH!! If you say so. Where can I find official documentation stating that webOS QI is "sprint sanctioned"?? ... even in a "round about way"?
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    There is a lot more to the article than just the $30 tethering fee. Verizon has doubled the early termination fee. They also charge you $45/mo for synching with Exchange.

    Sprint is much less expensive than ATT or Verizon. I have used both in the past.

    Clip from Article
    Verizon has confirmed that tethering will cost you though--an additional $30 per month for an additional unlimited data plan that is also limited to 5Gb. So, if you want tethering you will pay $60 above and beyond the monthly contract for service for an 'unlimited' 10Gb of data per month.

    Verizon isn't stopping there with the sticker shock either. It also announced that as of November 15 the early termination fee will be doubled for high-end devices like smartphones (a.k.a. the Droid). Users who cancel out of the agreement before the two years are up will be hit with a $350 bill.

    But wait, there's more! That $30 a month data plan grants you the ability to use an 'unlimited' 5Gb of long as that data doesn't come from a Microsoft Exchange email server. If you want the privilege of connecting with an Exchange email account you have to pay $45 a month for the 5Gb of unlimited data.
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    A $15 per month premium just to interface with an Exchange server? That seems incredible to me, but I suppose since Verizon is quite BB-centric, they hate to give up the extra BB data access charges.
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    Ya know... it's kinda silly that they're changing the $350 ETF fee a week after the Droid's been out.

    You can go buy the Droid for $200 (maybe less?)... pay for one month of service (dunno what that is, but it can't be more than $100)... and then cancel between Dec 8 - 15 to get out of the contract ETF free!! If they make changes to the contract, you have 30 days to get out ETF free. Pretty dern st00pit to let a Droid go for under $300 and no contract!!
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    They are now saying the $15 a month for Exchange is for corporate users, not for someone buying a personal phone who also want to check their work email on it.
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    This isn't a plus for the Pre; unofficial tethering is available on most smartphone platforms, including Android.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leathal View Post
    This isn't a plus for the Pre; unofficial tethering is available on most smartphone platforms, including Android.
    So you can tether via a WIFI connection with the other smartphones also??? I have tethered with my other sprint phones, but having the capability to connect wirelessly through WIFI and having my phone in my pocket is pretty incredible, and that is one of the main reasons i love my Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leathal View Post
    This isn't a plus for the Pre; unofficial tethering is available on most smartphone platforms, including Android.
    Yea.. no!

    I really don't understand this comment. Unofficial tethering is available on any phone - period. That's why it's "unofficial". Unfortunately for most Android devices, you don't truly have the capabilities for tethering because there is no way to root the device yet [from my understanding]. The Hero, Moment, Droid, etc. supposedly can't be rooted... or at least that's what I'd heard last week.

    The Pre is strange because it has the capabilities to be rooted, enable wifi tethering, etc... but it's the only one that doesn't have means to "officially" tether, at least not if you have an Everything Data plan. There are plans that allow tethering, but we'll save that for another thread since most of you do have the ED plan with Sprint.

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