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    hey guys, i seem to be getting a BUZZING sound similar to that you get from speakers when the mobile is near them but coming through the earpiece on my phone. I'm on O2 and here is the wierd part, it ONLY happens when in a non 3G zone. if i have 3g there is no buzz. I called o2 who offered me a replacement of my first phone for this problem..i recieved the brand new phone yesterday and it has exactly the same issue?

    is it a fault with these phones? and what would you suggest i do?
    would you suggest i get them to swap it again for another new one for me? or repair it so i can garuntee it to be fixed and not get another faulty handset. OR

    wait it out and put up with it for a few months until new batches of Pre's are shipped in hope that the new batches will have these issues resolved and claim for it on insurance..

    what do you guys think?
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    anybody? please?
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    Never heard of this. I'm assuming O2 is in Europe so I can't also say anything about whether or not it's a network issue.
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    me too i have an unlocked german O2 Palm Pre and it has a buzzing ... try to slide the phone like i do while talking on phone and you will never hear buzzing ...
    this problem was discussed before and there is a 2 tricks one the supergue and second the magnetic tip. i tried both but not worked for me ...

    i never replaced my pre even that i had a screen issues too ... im sure if if replace it i will get a worse palm pre than the one i have so im keeping my pre and trying to ignore the buzing and the screen clouding
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    I had exactly the same problem on my O2 Pre. Had my replacement a week and it's started again - and it happens if the slider's open or closed.

    If you're surfing or sending a text in a non 3G area if you lift the phone to your ear you can hear the buzzing too.

    Worse for me is my replacement suffers from horrid 'Oreo'

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