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    hello, I recently had my first pre replaced with a new pre and now I'm trying to update the info on the new device without success.My contacts and other info will not sync! any suggestions?
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    Same situation as a few people here, and likely, you lost them for good. Give Palm a call like we've done and see if they can't recover your contacts.
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    Thanks for the quick reply. After deleting account and reopening them I was able to get both Facebook and Google Contact to sync, no success with Palm profile. Now trying to get my pics and music to transfer will update later.
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    I learned the hard way that the Pre's backup that I thought was automatically saving everything in the cloud so that I need not worry ever again about losing stuff is a total hoax - it is really a cruel joke that Palm has played on us by promoting it as something actually useful.... the least they could do is give us an old fashioned way to dump all our data via a USB cable like we could do YEARS AGO!!!!...why are we gong backwards? Dont you use you own product PALM? Surely as a company of developers and engineers this must irritate the hell out of you? It just seems so basic??

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