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    Hey guys,
    I've been a very quiet reader of this forum for a little while now and decided to bite the bullet 2 days ago - buying the Palm Pre off a fellow forum member through eBay. Arrived the next day, and it was the nicest things I've had to use in a while. The biggest peeve being the calendaring didn't sync across the way I wanted it to. I bought "The missing sync for palm pre" but that both took ages as well as didn't work (if you would like the copy, i can contact the company to switch details for it for free - since its no use to me - it syncs music and photos just fine - I'm a mac user). Solutions to this problem with google is not an option. So I've decided to get it off my hands. Its available on eBay. I'm in Sydney and I'd be posting it through express Post so you'll get it the next business day.
    Thanks for everyones contribution to this forum, its been an invaluable tool for anyone getting started!
    The ebay item code is: 200402754853
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