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    I have my email set to download all to my phone and leave copies on the server (permanently). But, every so many days/weeks/months, my Pre randomly expells all old emails. Sometimes, it also triggers the erase of the emails on the server.

    How do I stop this? I am an email horder, and for business purposes, being able to go back to 2002 to find an old email is an occasional must. I am out of the office more than I am in, so I would like to have every email on my phone. More importantly, I just don't want the phone making decisions for me and deleting stuff when I told it not to.

    I love the Pre, but I miss the "everything stays resident" element of the Treo series.
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    Well what email service are you using, there's quite a few things you can do with Outlook to make backups and the like.

    What I've found works the best with outlook is to simply redirect emails to gmail as a rule, rather than setting up any syncing with the phone itself. That way you get the email, you can use the calendar (Google's Syncs Outlook very well), accept appointments, and get every email you need. You can also set all responses to look like they were sent from your outlook email so you don't even notice a difference. (You can also forward emails if you find problems in redirecting).

    I haven't looked back after than configuration, it's a little work but it's so nice having outlook able to store all your emails as a history, but be able to delete clutter.
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    I have MS Entourage, which is like Outlook for the MAC. I'm not sure it actually syncs with gmail, but I'll give that a try.

    I do love the whole synergy thing, I just wish it left more on the device itself.

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