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    My usb cover fell off two weeks ago. Annoying, but initially not a big deal. It looks like some of the plastic on the phone that held in the tether nub on the cover broke off. No plastic piece=no usb cover. I can put the cover back it, but it'll come right out if I pull it too hard. I would post pics so you guys can see, but I can't right now.

    So here's the problem. Two days after the the cover fell out I noticed a crack that started at the top of the usb cover hole. The crack is a little less than 1mm long. Well now the crack has started to slowly spread towards the screen. I have a launch day pre and I have the insurance, but I really don't think I should have to pay the $100 deductible because I have treated this phone like a newborn. I didn't drop the phone or do something negligent to cause the damage. The cover just came out in my hand when I went to charge it one night. Personally, I think the whole thing started from the poor design/build of the usb door and the little plastic piece that's underneath it. And judging from a few of the posts I've seen here, I'm not the only one with this issue. The worst part is that I have the 2600 battery (love it!) and that cover doesn't work with a touchstone so I'm stuck using USB to charge my phone.

    My question is this-does anyone have any tips/suggestions on what to say and do so that I can get a replacement phone without having to pay the deductible? Is it better to go into a store or speak to someone over the phone? Am I just screwed and should suck it up? I'm not trying to scam anyone, if I had damaged the phone I would be willing to pay for it. This situation just doesn't qualify as operator error to me.
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    From what I've read, it's a known issue (the cracking from the USB door) and should be replaced at no cost.

    If I'm wrong, it won't take long for someone to chime in.
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    If it is considered a manufacturer defect, there is no deductable to replace it. If it is considered abuse, than you will have to pay the deductable. But there is really only one place to get a true answer...visit a Sprint Repair store.
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    the same thing happened to my pre. i went into the sprint store that i bought it from and they said that i would have to make an insurance claim and pay the $100 deductible. however they said that once made they would give me a $50 credit since they felt bad for me, being that the crack was no fault of my own. but they could not replace it for free.
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    I just left a sprint store and the ****ed with the right one!!! this damn cheap *** usb door broke and I got two crack and they say "physical damage"....time for a new service provider why the hell are we paying for insurance that is ****ty

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