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    Downloaded, installed, and ran QuickInstall last night....performed a bunch of needed tweaks and got some cool apps. Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! Had a really great time doing it and I now love my Pre. You guys are amazing. Can't wait to tinker more.

    One question though: Are tweaks and themes affected when new versions of webOS come out? Will I need to redo everything each time there's an update?

    Many thanks again!
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    Yes make sure to uninstall all patches and themes when the update is released.
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    So just uncheck all the boxes in Tweaks and take off all themes, let Pre update, then recheck boxes?

    Does the coding involved in the various tweaks need to be updated to be compatible with a new version of webOS or am I good to good as soon as the update is completed? Sorry if it's a bonehead question...don't understand how the coding works and what is actually changed when updates are released.
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    Yes. Please wait until the latest version of WebOs Quick Install is released to make sure you know what patches will work.
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    Will do. Thanks again.

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