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    Oh I see, he received a refurb. I was totally focussed on the fact they had fixed his phone, and relocked it, which may still be the case, and is a very Palm thing to do. Still think it's alarming.
    We usually provide our clients with
    - the products they handed off, plus the services they require, and not
    - the products they handed off, plus the services they require, minus some service I feel I should relock or reset
    Then again, I run a successful company. (not as big though )
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    Then again, I run a successful company. (not as big though )
    Don't want to start a rumour, but are you buying palm? It sounds very plausible to me, ie: your the guy who seems to have some sort of inside running with palm when it comes to updates...!!!
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    Ok, so sequence of events;
    Pre started dropping calls before connecting call on Movistar (Spain) network
    Pre sent to Palm UK for repair
    Original Pre returned to me (same serial number)
    Same problem condition existed.
    Now I am in Italy. Pre with Vodafone (Italy) SIM requests network unlock code
    Pre with Movistar (Spain) SIM works well without initial call dropping issue
    Goma advised initial unlock code to try which now fails.

    I think it is reasonable to make that assumption that Palm resets the unlock codes upon repair.

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    Just ordered and paid for my Pre off goma - looks like unlocked moviestar Pres are back on the menu!

    Can't wait for the phone to arrive now...

    P.S goma is really good to deal with, replies really fast to emails
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    The Palms Pre relocked by Palm in the tech service can be unlocked again by using nextgenserver. The original unlock code by IMEI doesn't work
    David Gomez
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    yes your unlock gsm phone will work even on at&t.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aper View Post
    yes your unlock gsm phone will work even on at&t.

    Unlocked Movistar Spain EU GSM Palm Pre's are fully functional on AT&T's USA network except for one feature. They are unable to connect to AT&T's 3G UTMS/HSPA data network. European GSM Palm Pre's can connect to AT&T's 2G/EDGE and GPRS data network, so data features still function (albeit at a much slower speed).

    This has nothing to do with AT&T other than it is a North American GSM provider using it's assigned North American 3G frequencies for data. The same scenario applies if you want to use an unlocked European Palm Pre or Pixi on any North American GSM carrier network (AT&T, T-Mobile USA, Rogers/Fido Canada, Telcel Mexico, etc, etc) because European 3G UTMS/HSPA bands are different than North American 3G UTMS/HSPA bands.

    To make it simple, all you need to remember is that the Pre and Pixi are Quad-Band GSM, GPRS, EDGE, voice devices offering worldwide compatability over those protocols, however they only support Dual-Band 3G UTMS/HSPA connectivity. The result: European Pre's and Pixi's offer 3G data connectivity in Europe, but only 2G/EDGE/GPRS data connectivity in North America. The exact opposite is true for North American Pre's and Pixi's, as they offer 3G data connectivity in North America, but only 2G/EDGE/GPRS data connectivity in Europe.
    I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and donít necessarily represent AT&Tís positions, strategies or opinions.
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    Received my second Pre from goma yesterday, still highly recommended!
    My patches:

    All my patches are available in Preware.
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    Mine is still winging its way from Spain to NZ - the wait is killing me!
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    Quote Originally Posted by llama233 View Post
    Mine is still winging its way from Spain to NZ - the wait is killing me!
    Just enjoy the simple life a while longer...
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    My pre has arrived! Many thanks to goma for the fast and efficient service!

    Now I've got to play with it a while and learn how to use it... then homebrew!

    Forgot to add - profile creation went without a hitch!
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    I have 3 more units like new. They are used but in mint codition and unlocked. 250 euros + shipping.
    David Gomez
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    Hi goma... Please check your private message...
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    I cant wait to get my hands on a Palm pre UNLOCKED... hehehe...
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    My GomaPre arrived here in Taiwan 3 days ago, just in time to take it to Computex and feel good surrounded by all the Apple DB's! It just updated to 1.4.1 no problems, app catalog works for free apps, and other than 2 wonky pixels it's perfect. As above he clearly states they are like new so the 300E price delivered is amazing! He was great to deal with and very responsive! Highly recommended!

    Thanks Goma
    M100=> 180 => 270 => 600 => 650 => 680 => 680 => 680 => Pre(GSM Pre minus)=>Galaxy S2 32GB
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    I have more unlocked GSM Palm Pre (QWERTY)
    David Gomez
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    Hi Goma,

    Ive just sent you an email.
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    Good luck guys
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    Quote Originally Posted by soltrance View Post
    Good luck guys
    One interpretation of your post could be that you are implying that luck is required when dealing with goma. That is not the case. He has supplied a number of people previously (detailed in this thread and including myself) and everyone has been happy with their dealings with him.
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    Any palm pre plus?
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