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    Quote Originally Posted by JRH View Post
    do you mean a flash for the camera??
    No, he means lack of support for adobe flash.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Mo View Post
    It was a little tricky to install homebrews and patches a couple months ago, but they've since streamlined it to the point where it takes about 5 minutes to get everything setup and then you can install whatever you want with a couple mouse clicks. If you can use a web browser, you can use the WebOS Quick Installer application.

    I can understand the reservations people have about installing patches and apps that don't go through Palm. But, know that since WebOS is OPEN SOURCE, these add-ons aren't hacks to the OS, just modified features. The devs are using legitimate tools provided by Palm to make modification, not backdooring into the OS like people do with iPhones.

    That's my two cents. But several people that posted in this thread will be a lot happier with their Pres if they are willing to spend a few minutes to customize it.

    I apologize for slipping off topic, but I think it will help.
    I agree 100%... we are probably doing less hacking installing homebrew apps, themes, patches and whatnot then someone who just wants to change the background on their iPhone. I have installed every patch I want, installed many of the excellent homebrew apps and try different themes when I see ones that I like. I love that I can safely and easily customize this phone to my liking and drastically change the functionality without even plugging the Pre into a computer.

    I would be much less satisfied with my Pre without homebrew and the functionality I have added is more then worth the basically non-existent risk of seriously messing up my phone. If you are unhappy with the functionality or some missing features the homebrew community can probably help. They sure did for me!
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    slow and laggy, opening apps, scrolling, clicking stuff...
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    Build Quality hate it
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    The fact that it is underrated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffmcc View Post
    no video cam....

    no flash.....
    Quote Originally Posted by mu7efcer View Post
    No, he means lack of support for adobe flash.
    Which is almost completely outside of Palm's control and has been advised as being a couple of months away.
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    The amount of negative, it-will-never-be-good-enough people that it seems to attract on forum boards....
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    I think the boards have be polarized and it is partially palm's fault. They off-handily went after the apple, launch date and Itunes sync so that open'd the door for comparison. Which i think is unjust to this phone that being said i see nothing wrong with this phone.

    We as a community are to a 3.0 device level on same levels with patches except for video and a little sluggishness compared to a 3rd or 2nd generation optimized os.

    Why folks complaint about patch's i don't know if you would of got a 1st gen iphone you would of had to jailbreak it and there's still a jail breaking community and it's on 3rd gen. so there is functionality(used loosely because half the functionalities complained about are functionalities to me just features)

    you have to think that most of the things that are in preware are going to be implemented after a a boat load of q&a. If you don;t think a palm engineer has give that working open source code at least a look over your being naive.

    and for those expecting palm os ruby i think that was the next incarnation tough luck i'm a loyal palmy but i knew os change means we play by new rules.
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    the trolls on this site
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