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    Just going through these threads, there's always such negative stuff...I mean I know that's why people usually come to these kinds of threads, to troubleshoot their phones, but c'mon. Where are the good stories and stuff that used to be up here when the phone first came out? And I know there are still "I love my pre" threads here, this is just another one to offset the negative ones.

    My Pre has served me well since July. Very well in fact. I no longer use my mac notebook as much anymore. A few weeks ago i took a trip with the gf to NYC, my first time ever without a friend who'd tote me around the subway, and my phone saved my *** and made me look like a local, trotting and racing around town through the subs. Using the HOMEBREW nyc mta map was maaaagical. So was using on the Pre. So was the pre camera, taking a ton of photos of us without having to lug around another camera.

    Kudos my Pre. Kudos.
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    Life long NYer here, and that homebew (and now legit app store) app has saved my **** too. The greatest part is that it does not need a network connection, as the maps are saved locally. Clearly, that is helpful while in the subway.

    If I didnt have that app, I may have never found my way around the city a few weeks ago when half the line was down for maintenance.
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    Congrats on your trip, and the NY Yankees, and specifically Mariano Rivera. Greatest closer ever and showed it several times in the playoffs at almost 40 years old, only closer to not implode in 2009 MLB playoffs.

    As far as the Pre. I used to use the maps and an App called Metro on my pocket PC. If metro comes to the Pre you will be in heaven. However, Hopstop is awesome, and prior to the PPC I used to use a pocket subway map (that I just found).

    I live upstate now (still get to the city a lot, my work is based there), but having a phone like the Pre would be a great tool traveling to NYC or anywhere if you aren't familar with your environment.

    As far as not using your Mac book. I got a netbook since my work laptop is locked down, no games, no web browsing, etc. I stopped taking it with me in August, I've had the pre since June 6th. The only time I take the netbook is for long trips, or for when I know I will use the Pre to tether.

    A lot of people complain, but I love the Pre. The tweaks and homebrew community has been great in pushing the WebOS where it should be while (I hope) Palm is working on getting the GPU running, and also in generally making the WebOS more robust.

    Oh, and I love my Pre (warts and all) and will enjoy seeing the WebOS evolve.

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