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    Im pretty much loving the pre right now except for battery life ...

    ANYWAYS, I was wondering if you can remove your AIM buddies from your regular contact list.

    It is pretty annoying when you open your contact list, you get all of your AIM friends on there when I rarely use AIM on my pre id rather not see them all the time.

    For now I just deleted my AIM account but wondering if there is a fix...
  2. #2 removing ur AIM account didn't work?? when u started ur Pre up the first time it should have asked if you wanted to sync people from certain sites, like google or facebook...did u get that notification?
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    Do a search on this topic. This has been covered and there is a really clever trick to get those. To give you a brief idea of what to look for, the thread has someone explaining how to link your contacts to their specific name in your Pre's phonebook, and if you don't have an AIM name in your Pre contact, make a new contact called Other, or Z-Other like I do so that it is at the very end of the list. Now in your Other contact edit area, link all of the AIM names to that profile so it gets rid of them all. I'm not sure if you understand what I am trying to explain.

    Do a search anyway. Pea soup!
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    other than linking your aim screen names to people you already have in your phonebook, (if you have phone numbers for ur buddy list friends), and doing the above suggestion, the only way to have them not show up is by not having your buddy list on your phone
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    I dont remeber the first startup thing but deleting my AIM account did work but i wanted to get them off the contact list and have my aim account at once.

    I will try the linking all aim accounts to a fake contact thingy.
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    Unless you link all of you AIM buddies one by one to a contact, there is no way.

    I don't think they worried too much about this because most people never open their contact list anyways. The Pre is set up so you will start typing what you want, and it comes up.

    I rarely open my contact list and flick through it. I just start typing my contact's name.
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