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    HELP - I have looked and looked. I searched on the forums, but I cannot find the proper way to enter extensions for people I call. I know to use the P, but is it phone number then space then p then space then extinction. Or is it phone # then space the P then extension. Capital P or p.
    You understand my confusion. I know this is very rudimentary but I would appreciate the help.
    Would appreciate the correct way to do it.
    Thank you in advance.
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    t worked for me, p didn't, and I didn't use any spaces
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    t is soft pause, p is hard pause (will show a button to press in dialer to enter extension). No spaces.

    My personal pet peeve is that none of these numbers with strings can be redialed from the call log. Only the first 10 digits are redialed.
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    thanks for the tip!!!
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    I really need to read the manual someday... so if I take all my phone numbers that have x2304 or whatever at the end of them and I change the x to a p, I'm good to go? That would be sweet!
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