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    I have to get a replacement Pre due to a bad power button (mechanical failure...would think it would be easy to replace a spring or something, but apparently not).

    Moving along, I have around 50 apps and patches installed and was wondering if there was an easy way of generating a list other than writing them all down so that I can put the replacement Pre the same as my current one.

    Not a huge deal, just wanted to check before I started a list.

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    Take a screenshot of them in Preware. Might save you some time.
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    There is probably an easier way to do it, but I take screen shots of my "installed packages" pages in Preware and move the screen capture folder to my desktop. This made my last re-install process much faster. (I also took screen shots of my launcher pages so I could quickly return them to my preferred configuration.)
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    Is there a way to extract installed apps from the Pre??

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