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    Well, sunday afternoon i went and got my palm pre. I love it. I've heard alot about the oreo twist, and even saw a bad case of it on the demo phone at sprint, but it seems like the phone will always just have that initial looseness but it is really not noticeable unless you actually start to mess with it, but having it just resting in your hands it seems fine.

    I've been enjoying the phone so far, as it being my 4th day with it. Apps catalog seems to be doing nicely. I like how its integrated with your credit card.

    Now the only real thing I dont like about it, but isnt really that big of a problem, is the battery life. Now I heard that the palm centro's battery can also be used as an extra for the palm pre. But I'll probably just end up having a charger in my car, and/or at work.

    Sadly though, I had to break down today and go buy the touchstone. I am really scared that I might end up breaking the usb door, and I only want to have to open it when I really need to. But so far its pretty nice to have just setting the phone down on something and having it charge up.

    But anyway, this is just me saying Hi and i'll probably be here alot now, amongst all the other pre users.
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    Welcome aboard.

    Problems/questions....go here first -
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    Welcome to the forums and I would suggest looking into the homebrew section for preware. Patch your phone and theme it out to make it truly unique. Touchstone is the best purchase ever. Everytime you put it down it will charge and the back is soooo much better than the regular plastic that it comes with. Don't use the centro battery, thats a bad idea. Also, after a week or two of charging you will see longer life. I have had my phone off my touchstone since 6:30 this morning and after moderate - heavy usage im at 71%. Not bad at all. looking at 29% over 7+ hours with the regular battery. You just need to break it in. If you have any questions never hesitate to ask, or search for that matter.
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    I love my TS. I just wish it was cheaper.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zikon View Post
    Sadly though, I had to break down today and go buy the touchstone.
    Don't be sad ... the Touchstone is awesome

    There's also a lot of tips for improving battery life in the forums here. Things like turning the screen brightness down, and adjusting the communications (phone, wifi, bluetooth, gps) to only use what you need at the time, really help.

    And my one bit of advice to all new Pre owners ... use a Google account for your contacts and calendar (assuming you don't have another software preference) ... the default Palm Profile makes it difficult to move/backup your data.
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    My battery lasts a long time for the past 2 days. I have my phone on the touchstone overnight. I take the Pre off the touchstone at around 7am. It is almost 5PM now and I still have 70% left. Here is how I used my Pre today: checked some emails, checked out, made a few phone calls using gDialPro, received a few calls, downloaded express news from app catalog today(brand new app), used express news for a bit. I am amazed how much battery is left.

    Your battery is drained quickly if you don't have good data signal. I would suggest to turn off data if you don't need it and turn it on when you need it. In the past, I would turn off data overnight and Pre was off the charger. It only used up 2% of battery after 8 hours of sleep.

    Welcome on board and I can't wait till WebOS 1.3.1 is out!
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    welcome to precentral......if people help you out please make sure you thank them....

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!

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