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    Will the news of an open source Skype client make it easier to develop a good Skype app for the Pre? (just google for open source skype since I dont have enough points to post a link)

    Also, the main selling point for Android to me is the integration of Google Voice and other apps into the native dialer and address book. Does the Pre even support this currently or is the API limited in that respect?
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    Gdial PRO works really good with me PRE, been using it for months.

    If you want Skype, email send them a message here:

    *Required information in the skype contact, just make up things and submit so we can get an application by user requests.
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    :sigh: Once again ... we're not going to see applications like Skype until Palm releases the necessary tools/APIs in the SDK.
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    I really hope it's in the 1.3 release, if not just so these posts can stop.
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    I came across this tonight and thought I would post it.

    IM+: Web-Based Skype for the Palm Pre
    By James Kendrick | Friday, July 31, 2009 | 9:40 AM CT | 7 comments | Tweet This
    All you Palm Pre owners out there who’ve been wishing you could use Skype on your handset can stand down. A web-based app has been released that allows full use of Skype on the handset. The program, IM+, has been around for a good while but this Pre version is brand new.

    The app is web-based and all you have to do is visit on your Pre mobile browser. This takes you to a Skype login page, and once you’ve logged in, you can Skype away. This is not a Skype app; it is strictly run in the Pre’s browser. It uses SkypeOut minutes to make calls and supports both text and audio chats to Skype contacts.
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    Wow!! This seems to be a solution for using a Pre in a non CDMA enviroment. I just tried it and the voice quality is excellent. Now I should be able to take my Pre to France and make outgoing calls through this service. Looking forward to its development
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    This is old news.

    And how could this work in a non-CDMA environment? It's not a VOIP app.
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    if you have access to a landline then the call is redirected to the landline and you are paying skype fees rarher than local country telco fees
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    Will that really work from the Pre through WiFi? And what about those countries that don't have SkypeOut numbers?
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    I'm not sure about other countries. In my case, I have a house in France with a France Telecom landline. With this application, I can place the call through using my wifi connection. I then direct the call back to my home telephone number in France. The call is placed by Skype to both the called party and my landline is France. I get charged by Skype for two calls, but that is much much cheaper than France Telecom.
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    OK, then it'll be useful for people in your situation. I'm not sure that people staying in hotels, for example, will want to direct many calls to their hotel phones, because even a local call incurs charges. I think it'd be cheaper to have a GSM phone with a local SIM card.

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