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    I was in Singapore with my Pre for a week with no Sprint service. I used the WiFi feature, but my phone remained primarily on Airplane Mode. (Once or twice I flipped on to see if there was service to no avail.)

    Ever since my return, I've had a lot of sudden crashing. It seems like every second or third time I switch off, with the upper right power button or by closing the keyboard, the Pre crashes. I get a "black screen of death," and the only remedy is to either plug in or hold the power button down and wait (which only works sometimes). Either way, I get a full reboot (but all data is saved).

    I didn't add any software or make any changes to my set up. I did not drop the device. I can't think of any trauma or tinkering that would have affected it.

    Any thoughts?
    PM (Pilot -> Visor -> Tungsten -> Treo 755p -> Pre)
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    X-rays maybe? I would try a restore if that doesn't fix it I would return it.
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    Maybe you have the battery defect on your Pre. When did you get it? Take your battery cover off is there a little foam pad at the top of the housing?

    If not try this solution and see if it works for you.
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    Thanks much. That seemed to have worked. My device is four months old. I'm not sure if I have the "wiggly battery" problem of if it just came loose. Either way, a folded-over post note seems to have the battery snugly in place now.
    PM (Pilot -> Visor -> Tungsten -> Treo 755p -> Pre)
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    You have one of the older devices since there was no foam piece in there. I have the same issue with mine. I just leave the folded up paper in there all the time and it just works.

    Glad I was able to help.

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