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    I've used different iphones over the last years - now I bought a Palm Pre 10 days ago and that was enough to convince me, that it is by far the better phone for professional use.

    The main reason is, that here in Germany O2 has a better cell phone coverage than T-Mobile. In my office I never could get a connection to T-Mobile and that was true for a number of other places. While this is bad enough when you think about missed calls, it's even worse, when you consider that no "push alarm" will ever reach you, while in an area with no coverage. It is now, that I realize how badly I've missed a PDA / Smartphone, that is reliable and informs me about all my messages.

    Besides that I really enjoy the built in calendar. It syncs happily with ical (via missingsync) and it does that via Wifi! something I really appreciate. I also like it, because it can show you exactly the categories you like ( someone wrote, that there are no categories in the calendar, which is not true). On the iphone you could only show "one" or all categories. On the Pre I can look on my calendar and let it show only my private, family and holiday categories. I also like the "week" view, which gives me a better "on a glance" idea of my week than a "agenda" like list.

    I also love multitasking (and I must get used to it first - in the beginning I closed every app after I used it) and how easy that is, just to jot down some info from the internet, when both apps are open, or how fast you can switch between them.

    I have no problems with batterylife, after deactivating 3G and the GPS (3G isn't available in most areas I use the phone). I think I will not buy a spare battery (again something I must first get used too.... swaping batteries), since a fully charged battery keeps my pre alive for 1 to 2 days.

    The only thing I miss is the "appstore". Here in Germany we have 161 apps in the app catalog (only free ones) and most of them are quite useless "tip" software or guides to restaurants or theaters (in the US !). I would love to have (and pay for !) apps like Nataras Bonsai or Daynotez or for native e-reader or audible software. But I hope that's something that will come in the next months. On my first Iphone I couldn't even install software for months.

    I also hope that the web OS SDK will allow the programmers to access more functions of the Pre than it is possible with the iphone. You can't buy a good PIM software for the iphone, that would work with the inbuild calendar or contacts data, you can't "theme" the iphone (considering it is something very personal I really miss that) and there are actually no system enhancements. If you need to go to flight mode but leave Wifi on, on the iphone, you have to press (best case scenario!) at least 5 times. There is no chance that any programmer could change this by a small app, since the SDK prevents this.

    I will give the pre another 2 weeks of "trial" but I already like it very much. I could go on .. it's smaller, but the screen is even better, it can show you more than one message on the "main" screen (like SMS or mail).... ok I stop here
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