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    Looks like Bell in Canada has changed all their plans with the release of their new HSPA network and no longer has an unlimited data plan. Does having a Pre with only 500MB or 1GB of data give you a crippled experience? Bell has also reduced the price of the Pre to $99 on contract.
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    My last 2 months usage was 400MB or lower.

    Lots of e-mail, some daily web browsing, Google maps now and again and a few trips to Chicago using the Navigation.

    I should mention that I do have the Pre on WiFi during the work day and while at home so that data would be "free." So if your going to be using the cellular radio for data all day long that will change things compared to my experience.

    I'd say try out the 500MB and monitor your usage (you can do that on not sure if you can on Change your plan if you use more data.
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    I've used well over 3 gigs with tethering and emails/browsing.... but a typical months usage is right around 450MB... i would suggest getting the 1GB plan and then lowering it after gauging your first few months. It will not cripple your experience though. Enjoy the Pre
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    i use close to 2GB, with tethering to my laptop and surfing the web on the device. Mainly the usage will be high if you tether, if you dont the 1GB should be plenty.
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    My usage is usually around 1 gig, but that's because I find it easier to just always be on 3G and I like to run Pandora during the day.
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    Well, last month I used almost 9 GB in data so I don't want to know what my bill would be without unlimited data

    I generally average between 4 and 5 GB a month though.

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