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    So I tried out a Pre last month and I was left with some general observations and even with all of these new Android phones coming out, I came to the following conclusions

    Manufacturer Support
    This is by far where the Pre excels for a couple reasons. First off, Palm develops both the hardware and the software. This leads to consistency across the board and it's a great thing to me. I'm seeing phones with Android 1.5 (Samsung Moment), Android 1.6 (Hero), and Android 2.0 (Motorola Droid) and I find that very confusing. There are no guarantees that your phone will be updated to match the newest Android versions and you run the risk of being left behind as Android develops.

    Palm needs the Pre to be successful and it will put it in as much effort as it can to make it a success. That alone tells me that this will be a very well supported handset and I'm willing to buy a product that's still in development for that reason.

    The Hardware (mostly)
    The screen on the Pre is great (16 million colors) compared to the 65k on the Hero and the internal specs are pretty advanced (Cortex A8). My biggest issue with the Pre is the build. I don't like the cheap-feeling black plastic, I don't like the smudges on the screen, and I don't like the feeling that my phone could easily slip out of my hand. If they had better quality materials (maybe some aluminum trim on the edges, soft-touch ABS plastic on the back (without having to buy a Touchstone) I'd be pretty happy with it. The keyboard would look better in a landscape mode to me but I'd settle for a virtual keyboard in landscape mode too.

    This goes with manufacturer support but I just have to say that WebOS is beautiful. I look at screenshots from Android phones and whenever I do I just think "eww"...the WindowsXP-looking silver buttons...plasticky-looking icons...not for me. Plus the cards interface is quite possibly the best interface concept I've seen on a phone in a long time. The Palm team knocked it out of the park when it comes to usability in that respect.

    All that being said, when my ATT contract expires, I've definitely got the Pre in my sights...

    Just my $0.02
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    I sounds that you love Palm and WebOS. But if there is anything holding you back it is the build quality. What I have done it I have a touchstone back to it and a full front screen-protector. The back makes it feel $200 more than it originally did. If you don't want to get a touchstone YOU HAVE TO get a back from the PreCentral store. I am sing the BodyGaurdz screen Protector. It will almost get rid or your problems with fingerprints. It works allot like the Hero, basiclly blow away the fingerprints.
    Overall after I have done that to it I feel MUCH MORE solid than it used to. I don't worry about dropping it and if I do the screen protector will take car of that.
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    If you are a new customer to sprint. I can get you a pre for 50 bucks with a 2yr contract.
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    I too did this..touchstone back and a skinz screen protector.
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    If build quality is holding you back, think about a Pixi.
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    Touchstone is a definite...PreCentral has a great deal on it and it changes the feel of the phone where it does not have that "plasticy" feel. Won't be disappointed for spending the extra $50. Plus the added benefit of being able to charge it without having to plug it in is worth it as well.
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    Well, as a palm pre owner now for a bit over a month I no longer share your enthusiasm. Don't get me wrong, the pre is GREAT, I love the phone's features, it's web browser, the feel of the hardware, it's physical keyboard!

    I just hate the fact that I've had 2 of them crack screens now (one at 5 days after I purchased it, the other 33 days after my replacement arrived).

    Each time I've had to call palm (sprint support has been horrendous in this and refuses to replace screens with the peacock crack from the center button up even though it's an absolutely known manufacturer flaw). Each time they've offered to send out my replacement phone (with a 400$ hold on my account until my cracked pre arrives at their depot).

    I baby this thing like my 6 month old, it's never dropped, never abused, I never even USE the center button (I do everything with swipes). And I'm not alone, the cracked screen thread is the biggest thread on palm's forums.

    On my most recent call the guy at palm actually admitted they know there is a big issue here and they are working to resolve it, then made the suggestion that I consider a Pixi instead when it arrives (that it doesnt have the center button and as such may be less likely to crack). My general response was to the tune of "I'm a business professional working in an office of mature business professionals with professional clients, and I cannot own a phone called a Pixi." Does palm even realize that by naming the phone Pixi they've effectively killed nearly half of the potential market on the product? They may as well have called it the "Hello Kitty" phone and put little pink stickers all over it.

    And all of this doesn't even scratch the SURFACE of how bad the experience has been with sprint. I signed up for sprint online using my corporate 18% discount, and I used a promotional code (SAVE50) to save additional money (it gives 50$ off per phone on your invoice). Anyway, with everything set up it gave me a printout online with my confirmation code for purchase, and all of the relevant pricing etc that I had set up (with a bill showing for the first month of just 106$).

    My bill came, and it was 256 dollars. Obviously that's a bit wrong, so I called their friendly service agents and they explained several things to me:

    1: The corporate discount wont be applied for several months, and they will not refund the extra money you spent in the meantime. This means your bill will be the full price (129.99$) and will eventually, when they feel like it, be the 18% discounted amount, but you will not see a penny of the extra cash you've spent refunded to you in the meantime.

    2: The SAVE50 promotional code will eventually apply to your bill, someday, when they feel like it, maybe in the next 2-3 months but I can call back if I dont see it apply by then. Again, they give no reason for this, and no explanation of the delay.

    3: That I cannot talk to ANYONE who has the power to override either of these things. Nobody you can talk to is able to help or make any adjustments to your account, and the department that -can- is absolutely unreachable. The supervisors will explain they have no way to transfer you there, and cannot give you a number to call, and indeed no way to even contact them. He offered to give my information to them to have them call me within 24 hours (no call in over 3 days now). I asked how he was able to even communicate with them since they have no phone, no direct line, and he cannot simply get one of them on the line, he explained "they have their ways". I'm assuming they have a styrofoam cup on a string, or perhaps they communicate through smoke signals.

    Am I dissuading you from considering a pre? I hope so.

    And I -love- the phone. When it works.
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    still on the fence here...

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