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    I live in Midland TX where Sprint still has decided we dont deserve EVDO however I get fairly poor signal strength here and when It switches automatically to roaming I have the sweet taste of EVDO. I have tried the roam only hack and it dosent switch to EVDO. Is there a way to force EVDO also? I do have data roaming enabled so im not sure if im missing something.
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    Pretty sure Sprint won't roam on Verizon's 3g network, just the 2g, so no EVDO for you while roaming.
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    I thought there was an option to turn on Data Roaming. I was wondering if there was any extra fee for using Data Roaming. I know there isn't one for voice so I doubt one applies to data as well but still... just to be safe.
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    thank you for the replies, however I know I can use evdo while roaming because I'm doing it right now. I can actually watch a youtube video on my pre and it not take an hour to buffer. Plus it says ev up top vs the 1x that is usually there. Any suggestions?

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