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    I don't know what Palm needs to do in order to make the speed increase, but the only thing I wish is for it to be more responsive across the board. the competitor phones have a lot less lag for accelorator response, touch response, app opening and even some movement within apps. There's a lot other things to wish for too, but this upgrade alone would make the untouchable in my eyes.
    I agree the UI needs a nice speed bump, but the accelerometer has always been an excellent performer when switching between portrait and landscape. I don't see a problem there.
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    * virtual dpad like classic. Moving the cursor in forms and memos is a chore
    * on screen keyboard
    * better UI speed
    * bluetooth file transfer
    * local sync solution
    * video recorder
    * file manager app
    * task/memo/calendar with more functions and customizations. There needs to be a mini month view when creating/editing a task and calendar entry.
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    Speed.. please!
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    Voice Dialing, voice commands. You know just like they show on TV! Hmmm maybe those stars got special phones that we don't ?
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