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    Quote Originally Posted by madmike6537 View Post
    Verizon is distorting all of your signal strenths in order to get your business.. :P
    I knew it, Damn Big Red
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    I usually have 4 to 5 bars of service at my house, now i am roaming. ***?
    I just got a replacement phone a couple days ago and it was working great. NOW this!!!

    c'mon can't technology just be reliable?
    i dont know what to do. i literally have no service now.
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    Nope, no change in signal strength fo me here in SoCal.
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    I got brand new phone last week and it seems my phone is doing same thing of jumping from EV to 1x and back and forth from time to time. It was bad initially but after I did PRL update that has reduced. But on other hand I'm not getting 129 error couple times a day. Which is bit wierd. Also when I start download my phone is heating up lot. Especially the back area of phone starts to heat up.
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    I've been having the EXACT same issues! I really thought it was an app I installed too. I need this phone for work and can't afford the constant dropped signals. Has anyone figures out what's going on?
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    Im a little late but I would really like to join this party. LOL> I just got a refurbished pre and it jumps from 1x to EV and bars change a lot. I switched back to my old pre and that one doesnt do this in the same place. I will have to go to a sprint store tomorrow i guess.
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    wife just got a HTC Hero yesterday and after trying to send picture text I called sprint and was told of a nationwide 3G issue that would not allow pic text, on going issue since Jan 12.

    I am in Oklahoma.
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    well i havent had one problem sending any pictures or texts. The EV will just drop to 1x or 2 bars or off. Doesnt happen with my old pre. Im thinking of switching to HTC hero now cause this is my 5th pre.
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