I have had my Pre for less than a month & have a few concerns with it.

* First off, I noticed that the battery gets a little hot when using GPS, or using the phone while charging esp.
*For some reason the web esp Facebook has been loading slower, & sometimes incompletely.
* I think lastly, I was using an app when I got a text from my wife, so I minimized to card veiw, and opened the phone app, called my wife, & when I was finished, the screen went all weird (like everything was mixed together- almost like what it looks like when defragmenting your PC.
* I WILL NOT switch to another device, but, I need to know if these are serious enough problems to try and get a replacement before this month is up?
* I should have mentioned that I have patches loaded for things like call app closing when call ends, among others- but none that I thought would've jacked with the phone- & I did do a soft reset... Thanks, & sorry for the long, boring post.