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    Does anyone know if there is a way to have your pre make a click sound when touching the screen? i.e. launching an app. I think that would be neat. If it is not avalible that would be a good one for some one to code. I checked everything I know to check but can't find that feature.
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    I agree. I'd like this feature as well.

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    It's already been implemented for some apps, but not sure if it's possible to do system wide. Search for "haptic feedback" (I didn't know what haptic meant previously either!)
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    Thanks for the info, I don't care for vibration but a click sound would be nice.
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    Yeah, I have haptic feedback on just my dialer, and that's pretty much the only place I'd want it. A nice soft clicking sound when you tap open apps would be good though.
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    it slows down the phone...dont do it
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    what slows down the phone?
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    playing the sound file
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    well yeah, if its a patch. but I'd like to see this option in an update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by justkeptfading View Post
    well yeah, if its a patch. but I'd like to see this option in an update.
    Playing a sound file every time you press the screen will slow down the phone or make it choppy whether it is a Palm update or a patch. Sure... Palm might have some ways to help relieve the problem, but playing the sound still takes some considerable work to process since the CPU is taking all the heat at the moment with the GPU not being enabled.

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    You guys really think that playing a minuscule sound file for taps would slow the phone down? It plays an animation for every tap already and I would think that is at least as resource intensive.

    It wouldn't be so much of an issue if the screen was reliably sensitive. Sometimes it will register a tap when about two skin cells touch it, and other times will ignore about 6 hard taps in a row. Then other times it will register a tap, show the animation right on a button and fail to initiate the load. Even when it does get it right, that lag till it launches has you second guessing whether it worked or not...
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    Wouldn't think it would pose a processing problem, since the phone already plays sounds for other screen presses like the phone dialer.
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    A "buzz" feed back would also be cool when touching the screen.... similar to the phone.
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    visual voicemail..................with multi tap

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