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    Are the app stores in the UK and US the same thing? as at the moment im in the UK and there dont seem to be any paid apps? Also ive noticed apps that are shown on the homepage of pre central under "new apps October..." the apps they list are not always on the store.

    However when I click on some of the apps in the store it sometimes says submitted for the US but i can still download them.

    Anyone have any idea if the two stores are seperate and if they are will they be bringing them into line with each other anytime soon?

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    I am sure you're talking about the App Catalog, since the App store is run by some sort of fruit company....

    But yeah, it seems that Palm differentiates what apps are available on the US vs. the European Pre.
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    The App Catalog is slightly different depending on your country. Paid apps are only available in the USA at the moment.
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    Ye I meant app catalog. Does any one know when palm are likely to change this?

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