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    Since yesterdey, the audio phone doesn't work, only the speakerphone, i can not hear anything, is like having no phone unless trough the speaker and the alert when the call end, sounds too loud!!!! during charging th screen turns on itself, i dint know if because the same issue, if anyone have an idea, i would apreciate, THANKS EVERYBODY!
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    Sounds as though your phone might be stuck in headset mode. It's an issue I and many other have experienced. Some people say this happens as a result of debris getting in the headphone jack, which is probably true in a lot of cases. For me, this sometimes occurs when my phone is just sitting on the touchstone, and I connect/disconnect a bluetooth device. Anyway, the fix for many people has been plugging in a headset or pair of headphones, starting pandora, youtube, or something, then removing them. Personally, I've had more luck going to "device info," "more info," menu, "interactive test," and running the audio tests there.
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    csplinter, thank you for your answer, right now i'm not near any headset, so, i let you kow *** soon as i test the fixes, and actually, now i remember, this started to happen exactly when i was listening to pandora whith headphones and i recive a call... so, lets do it! i let you know, thanks again!
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    NOPE! nothing works, i tried with youtube, pandora, mp3 player, run all the audio tests, and the quick test say anything is ok, i pull out the battery for 5 minutes then put it back on, turn the phone on and off, the notifications seems to be normalized in some occasions but the phone issue remains the same, no handset, just speakerphone.... if anyone have something in mind, please let me know, i will appreciate so much! and thanks again for the help, this issue is driving me crazy..... have a good day!
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    I've had this problem before. Call your voicemail, and look at the speaker phone button. If a headset is displayed instead of the phone, then it is the problem csplinter mentioned.
    I ran every single audio test and it was no help to me. What I did was call my voicemail and plug in and unplug a pair of headphones until a phone showed up.
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    thanks, i call my voicemail, and in the speaker button, theres an headphone image, not a phone image.....! i will try this one!
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    not sure if you tried this when trying the various audio programs...start an audio program, put your headphones in...if you can hear the music through the headphones, stop the music before pulling out the headphones. Once, stopped, pull out the head phones...Now play music it coming out the speaker? Now check if it fixed the problems...if you're lucky it did.
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    no, it did not did it.... i dont know if means something, when i tried it again, the music start playing automatically when i insert the headphones.. Thanks again for the help!

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